Who Should Not Attend Symposium
Worship experts: those with a comprehensive understanding of worship

The IWS program does not feature any worship experts. Instead, our faculty consists of leaders who have gained unique insight by walking with the Lord in worship leadership ministry primarily at the local church level. We believe the universe has room for only one Worship Expert. 

Those who have mastered worship leading, a.k.a. "hot praise teams"

For 30 years, IWS has set the standard for excellence in worship leadership. However, we view skill only as a means of ministry rather than the goal. While our hands-on clinics enhance your skills as a by-product, they mainly show you how to enhance the skills of others. But if your team has already mastered worship leading, then you would not learn very much at Symposium. 

Those who are satisfied with their church's worship

The IWS views the life of a worshiping church as a dynamic pilgrimage, not a static shrine. We believe that an enlarged vision and a thirsty soul create a wholesome dissatisfaction that is necessary for spiritual growth and development. Therefore, if you don't want your worship to change, our forward-looking teaching, and life-changing services would not be of much use to you. 

Those who want to become famous

Many of the best known leaders in the praise and worship movement point to IWS as the genesis of their ministry. Notoriety has been God's will for their lives. But most of our team has been too busy serving local churches, and some of us are too ugly to become famous. So we wouldn't be much help in making you famous either.

Those who need "relevant" Bible teaching

We believe that the entire Bible has been authored by the Holy Spirit to guide us into Divine relationship through worship. If you think parts of the Bible are irrelevant, the intense teaching that has always been a vital part of Symposium would be boring to you. Furthermore, we believe that the relevance of presented material should be determined by the teacher, not the student. It's called "learning" - a practice that has largely fallen into disuse in recent decades.
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