Making His Praise Glorious
Founded in 1978 by Barry and Steve Griffing, the International Worship Symposium is the original worship teaching ministry that has spearheaded the global advance of God's kingdom through powerful praise and worship. They have done this by consistently teaching the principles of Biblical worship, and by imparting the leadership skills necessary to make His praise glorious both spiritually and artistically for thousands of local churches across six continents.
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Divine Mandate
This year's Symposium will reach forward by imparting the Divine mandate of worship to succeeding generations. Psalm 102, verse 18 says: "This will be written for the generation to come, that a people yet to be created may praise the LORD." Now, as then, God's mandate is for us to impart the secrets of unlocking the Power of His Presence to a new generation of worshipers. The groundbreaking Bible classes, practical skill clinics, and life-changing worship celebrations will continue the spiritual legacy of the International Worship Symposium.
Who Should Attend Symposium?
Pastors Worship Leaders Worship Artists Church Leaders


Desire a deeper, more transforming experience of the Presence of God
Believe God wants to teach us more about worshiping Him
Believe that Christian worship should not be guided by the music industry
Have a vision for a more glorious worshiping church
Believe the Holy Spirit has not exhausted his creative ideas for worship arts
Believe that the Bible still contains undiscovered secrets about true worship
Desire to improve their worship leadership skills

What Happens at Symposium?
You experience God through glorious worship celebrations
You hear His voice through Bible classes, and prophetic word and song.
You see His glory through skillful, artistic expression in dance, mime,         pageantry, signing, tambourines, pictorial art and sculpture, and         limitless range of worship arts.
You receive Divine impartation of spiritual gifting and vision
You increase your skill and anointing by actively participating in practical         clinics
You discover new possibilities in worship and outreach
You gain perspective through historical teaching
You connect with the worldwide explosion of worship and evangelism.
Why Should You go to Symposium?

  Renew your spirit
  Refresh your soul
  Revitalize your ministry
  Refocus your vision
  Reorder your priorities
  Recover lost worship secrets
Who Should Not Attend Symposium?