Making His Praise Glorious
Founded in 1978 by Barry and Steve Griffing, the International Worship Symposium is the original worship teaching ministry that has spearheaded the global advance of God's kingdom through powerful praise and worship. They have done this by consistently teaching the principles of Biblical worship, and by imparting the leadership skills necessary to make His praise glorious both spiritually and artistically for thousands of local churches across six continents.
Self-Serving Saints and the Substitute Faith
The Story of Judges 17-18
Starring: Mike the Rich Kid, Jon the Preacher, and Dan the Cowardly Bully
Rev. Steven D. Griffing - International Worship Symposium

The book of Judges covers the 350 year period in Israel's history between the death of Joshua, who had led them into Canaan, and the emergence of a unified Hebrew kingdom, eventually ruled by David. It describes a period of political and spiritual instability summarized by the book's final verse; "In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes." (ch. 21:25)  These exact words also appear as a quasi-preamble to our story (vs. 6), emphasizing that during this era humanistic self-determination guided the people of God, instead of the absolute, God-ordained authority of a king.  Thus, the book of Judges stands as a perpetual indictment against any value system that places the convenience of personal relativism above the absolute principles of Divine law.
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Featured Article
International Mandate
This year's mandate is to go to China with the message of Glorious Praise that will unlock the Power of God's Presence in that great nation.   Since China is the world's leading emerging nation, this may be the most significant international ministry IWS has ever embarked upon.  This May, Steve Griffing and Kathy Marquart will join veteran missionary, Pat Eckel, to form a superb teaching team that will present groundbreaking Bible classes, and practical skill clinics at the International Worship Symposium in Shenyang, China.  This will not only impact China, but also nearly 40 other emerging nations represented at the conference.   Help us in this effort by…
Who Should Attend Symposium?
Pastors Worship Leaders Worship Artists Church Leaders

Desire a deeper, more transforming experience of the Presence of God
Believe God wants to teach us more about worshiping Him
Believe that Christian worship should not be guided by the music industry
Have a vision for a more glorious worshiping church
Believe the Holy Spirit has not exhausted his creative ideas for worship arts
Believe that the Bible still contains undiscovered secrets about true worship
Desire to improve their worship leadership skills